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PukingToreador [userpic]
Ritsu Ficlet
by PukingToreador (pukingtoreador)
at March 2nd, 2006 (07:51 pm)

My mood : ditzy

Title: Picture Perfect
Word Count: 487
Pairing: Ritsu/Ayame
Rating: PG (lime)
Summary: Ayame tries to help Ritsu with his confidence problems.

Sohmas often have trouble conversing among themselves without bringing up family matters. Shigure and Ayame were no exception, although the topic usually revolved around their favorite family member, Ayame. Their talks drifted one day to a few family members rather unlike Ayame: Self-conscious and apologetic to point to the point of arguable insanity.

“You know”, Shigure commented over a lunch of potsticker plates, “people like Ritsu and his mother will never be at ease with themselves unless they are perfect”"

“My dear Gure”, Ayame replied, a potsticker a few inches from his mouth,” I do believe you’ve just given me a fabulous idea”. He downed the food and smiled.

* * *

“This necklace” Ayame held out the jewelry for Ritsu to inspect, “is made from the bones of holy priests and enchanted with ancient Buddhist magic. I happened upon it when…”

Ritsu listened intently to a fantastic tale of Ayame’s travels and daring adventures that ultimately resulted in the necklace’s acquisition.

"…and that is why once I put this around you neck, you will become…perfect”

Ritsu immediately flustered, “I’m so sorry, Ayame-sama, that you went to all that trouble to get that for me! It's for my fault for being such a worthless human being-someone like me could never deserve to be perfect! I’m sorry for making you waste your-"

“Rit-chan, nobody deserves to be perfect. Otherwise they would be”

The redhead blushed, and struck his own face sharply,” How stupid of me! Of course! I’m sorry for being so idiotic and rude by not understanding. I don’t even-“

Even as he continued babbling apologies, Ayame advanced on his younger cousin. Ayame held the necklace as solemnly as a crown and Ritsu a king at his coronation. Between Ritsu’s frantic self-flaggation, flailing about, and sobbing, Ayame almost had to lasso him to get it around his neck.

“Now you are,” Ayame paused for effect, letting go of the necklace and brushing Ritsu’s hair back. He gestured dramatically, “Ritsu Sohma, a flawless human being”

Ritsu Sohma, flawless human being, fell silent. He looked down at himself as if for the first time.

“Well, how does it feel?” Ayame asked, suppressing a smirk.

“It feels…” Ritsu searched for the right word, studying his hands, “Wonderful. Knowing that I deserve to breathe and I won’t shame my family or bother anyone or ruin things anymore. Thank you, thank you a million times, more than I could ever express, Ayame-sama”

“Now that you’re perfect, what are you doing to do?”

Ritsu looked up at his older cousin and smiled. His feminine beauty was obscured by his anxiety plagued expression in the past. Now it radiated with his newfound happiness. Ayame felt nervous fingers running though his hair and touching the back of his head. Ayame tilted his head down and received a surprisingly bold kiss that was neither nervous nor awkward. It was, in fact, what he would call perfect.