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Firaga [userpic]
What could pass as a shounen-ai oneshot. I guess.
by Firaga (black_mage_fire)
at February 27th, 2006 (04:26 pm)

Ritsu Sohma was shy, nervous, and panicky, whereas Ayame Sohma was cool, collected, arrogant, and downright sexy (And he knew it). So just how Ritsu Sohma had ended up in Ayame Sohma's BEDROOM was beyond him.

Perhaps it would be best to start at the beginning. Ritsu had timidly gone out to get something or another. He didn't quite remember what, because he was sidetracked the instant he got a few yards from his house. As the wind had blown away his shopping list.

“OH NO! I'M SO SORRY, WIND! I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WANTED IT! BUT I NEED IT! OH, I'M SO SORRRRRY!!!! PLEASE GIVE IT BACK!” He darted after it in a panicked and frenzied fashion, “NOOOOO!!!! I'M SORRY, WIND! I'M SO WORTHLESS I CAN'T EVEN GO SHOPPING!” And with that, he burst into tears, causing many bystanders to look at him in sheer amazement before trying to avoid him. Then he apologised to the passerby-ers.

“I'M SO SORRY! >_< I DIDN'T MEAN TO SCARE YOU! OOOH, I DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!” And, with a pitiful sob, he flopped over.

“Is she alright?” “Maybe she sobbed herself to death...” “Wow...should we poke her?” “Uhm...uhm...miss?” “Miss!? MISS!?”

Ritsu blushed. They were all calling him a her...he whimpered before almost exploding, “I'M SORRY FOR MAKING YOU ALL BELIEVE I'M A GIRL WHEN I'M NOOOOT!” He darted off, sobbing.

Poor Ritsu's day was not going so well.

---An Hour Later---

“Oooh...I don't remember what I was supposed to get...” He whimpered and burst into tears AGAIN. He felt all the resolve that he had earlier when coming out dissolve away.

“You know, Ritsu-chan, you shouldn't be crying out here. It's very cold and your tears might freeze!” Came a voice NO ONE could misplace.

“A-Ayame-san!!” The young man freaked out. Ayame, the man he looked up to! The most beautiful man in the world!

“Why are you out here, anyways?” The silver haired man sat next to the young man who was silently panicking.

“I-I-I-I wa-was sh-shopping...and..” His eyes filled with tears, “T-the wind...stole my shopping list..” He whimpered and Ayame sighed.

“And I suppose you're sorry that you didn't bring one for the wind?”

“YES! I'M SORRY, AYAME, FOR BEING PREDICTABLE!!!!” He gasped loudly and clung to Ayame, who's eyes widened considerably.

“Aaah...don't be sorry!” He wasn't exactly sure how to HANDLE Ritsu. No one was. Except maybe Shigure. And Shigure did a TERRIBLE job of it. Ayame pet Ritsu absently.

“You don't HAVE to be ashamed of, you know, it was an accident! The wind doesn't mean to be rude...” He frowned. One area he really wasn't confident in. Comforting people.


“It was no one's fault. Now! Come to my shop so we can have tea and we can figure out your shopping list!” And with those words, Ayame dragged a started Ritsu Sohma away.

---ANOTHER hour later---

“And that is how Yuki and I grew a little closer!” Ayame stated. Ritsu blinked.

“Y-Yes....but I don't see what this has to do with my shopping list...” He murmured, looking a little nervous. Ayame blinked.

“Oh. Yes! Quite sorry! Hehe. Anyways. What did you plan on getting? Like, what kinds of food?” He smiled at Ritsu, who flushed nervously.

“I-I don't...don't quite remember....I think I needed to get sugar....and rice...” He frowned, “But that's all I remember..maybe that's all I needed to get...” He wrung his hands. Ayame frowned.

“Ri. Why don't you just eat with me tonight and we can worry about shopping tomorrow! I'll even help you!”

“Really, Ayame-sama!?” His eyes lit up, “I-I don't want to impose..”

“You're not imposing at all!” He smiled and twirled around, “So don't worry one bit!” He grabbed Ritsu's hand and took him off, “Just help me cook!”

As Ritsu helped cook, Ayame talked. A lot. Ritsu didn't actually know Aya too well, and felt rather nervous.

“Ah. Ri-san...” He turned and looked at Ritsu, who snapped to attention.

“Ye-yes, Ayame-sama!?” Ayame kissed Ritsu.


Ritsu fell to the ground, having fainted. “Poor thing...well, I guess he'll be staying with me tonight...” Ayame tucked the passed out Ritsu into his bed and then turned and finished cooking himself.

Ritsu wouldn't know exactly what happened, but Ayame was sure the experience would stick with he himself for years to come.

-Siiiigh- I suck, like, SERIOUSLY bad.